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“First of all, I loved reading the answers you gave to the question for Contest #3, namely, “What’s the most romantic gift you can imagine receiving?” People named everything from jewelry of various kinds (go Lucas go!) to scrapbooks or keepsakes boxes of important moments in the relationship to special outings together to flowers, and lots of people named an engagement ring. The most unusual answer was “a dog” — for the surprisingly logical reason that a dog would then bring even more love into everyone’s life. Which is a nice way to look at it, don’t you think? A lot of people talked about gifts they really had been given, or had seen given to others, such as the surprise “renewing our vows” ceremony one husband cooked up for his very pregnant, very tired wife, who had no idea when she walked into the church that all her friends and family were there to see her husband declare his love for her all over again. The one common element: Everyone agrees that the most romantic gifts are the most personal – the ones that showed real thoughtfulness and intimacy. Despite all the truly wonderful entries, only one person could win, so congratulations to Amy D! I’ve already talked with her via e-mail, and it sounds like the most beauteous bracelet in all the land is going to a good home. If you didn’t win, fear not: It’s time for STARGAZER Contest #4! I shied away from using brand names in the books where I could avoid them; I didn’t want to date the books too much. But I can tell you here that the special perfume Bianca wears, the one that smells like gardenias, is Marc Jacobs. And I am giving a bottle away to one lucky reader! If you’re a guy who wants his own prize, or a girl who would prefer to scent the guy of her choice rather than herself, then you can choose instead to get The Dreamer, the men’s cologne I sort of associate with Lucas. Basically, this whole contest is about your chance to be Bianca- or Lucas-scented. All you have to do is answer this question: “What’s the strangest dream you’ve ever had?” After all, Bianca does keep having those odd dreams in the books — rather meaningful dreams — so it seemed like an appropriate question to discuss. Enter by emailing me at evernightclaudia at gmail dot com, with the subject line “STARGAZER Contest #4.” Tell me your answer to the question and be sure to leave me a way to contact you. You have until Tuesday, March 10. And let me know if it’s okay to tell people about your dream in the blog: It absolutely does not affect your chances of winning if you’d rather I didn’t, but I thought if a few people were willing to share, it might make for some fun entries! (BIG note: Do not tell me your sexy dreams, people! This is not a thing to tell random people on the internet! OK, I’m not entirely random, but there is a very good chance I could be eating and read about the freaky and, like, choke on something.) FYI, due to various technical difficulties, the Contest #1 prizes went out after the Contest #2 prizes, but they are all on the way (or there) by now. And although I have not yet had the opportunity to send out ARCs for those of you who blog, I will be doing so within the next couple days, so there’s still time to get requests in!”



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